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About the online competition

Dear participants, in the last few days we've received many requests from those who've struggled with video recording or application fee payment. Don’t panic if you haven't made it in time! Despite the deadline, next days we will keep accepting applications for the competition, as well as documents and payments.

The main idea of the WorldVision Music Contest is to support talented artists' creativity as well as to promote and popularize classical music. The Contest jury includes numerous internationally renowned musicians – besides, the worldwide audience also has a voice in the Contest decision making. Become a part of this event and demonstrate your talent to the whole world!


One-time registration fee:
EUR 100

  1. Grand prix 100,000 €
  2. Total prize fund 280,000 €
  3. Scholarships fund 1,000,000 €
  4. Prizes on each round of the contest
  5. Donations to participants from the audience during the whole Contest
  6. Combined voting of jury and audience
  7. Final in the Palais de la musique et des Congrès, Strasbourg *
  8. Finalists perform in the Berliner Philharmonie, the Carnegie Hall, Zaryadye Hall/Kremlin (season 2022/23) **
  9. Application deadline: April 15th


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