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Contest Results

1 Prize

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Ruslan Talas

2 Prize

Kyiv City, Ukraine

Maria Narodytska

2 Prize

Ústecký kraj, Czechia

Robert Bily

4 Prize

Jakarta, Indonesia

Iskandar Widjaja


2 Prize

Yerevan, Armenia


2 Prize

City of Zagreb, Croatia

Tao-Yuan Hsiaо

3 Prize

Seoul, South Korea

Moon Junha

4 Prize

Shkodër, Albania

Odesa Meti

Reasons to participate

  • Renowned Jury board: Musicians, music professors from state conservatories, representatives of music labels, music media, artistic directors, organizers of festivals - Worldvision has one of the biggest jury boards where every single jury member is a treasure.
  • Scholarships & prizes: on every competition stage we offer a number of prizes that will support your career.
  • Zero risk: You’ll pay the participation fee after you’ll be qualified for the competition.
  • Donations from the public: You don’t need to invest your money - gain public support and pay the participation fee from donations or use it anyway you like.
  • Amazing networking opportunities: stay in contact with participants from all over the world, get a chance to become the Classic@Home artist and take part in the masterclasses and courses led by the stars of classical music.