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         Lyana Ulikhanyan was born in Armenia, Yerevan, (11y). She is studying  at the Tchaikovsky music  school in  Yerevan, Armenia. Her cello teacher is Armine Avetisyan.  She  is  studying  cello from the age of 4 years old.  


   In 2018 Lyana won the “Grand Prize” in the competition organized by the  Armenian General Benevolent Union and received a cello as a prize.


   In 2019 she was invited by the Russian National TV channel to participate in the “Better  Than  All”  TV -show.

   In  the same year she won the first prize and the Rising Star Prize in the “The Muse” online competition and was invited  to Athens  to perform at the Megaro concert hall.

   She won the first prize at the International music online competition (Belgrad, Serbia).

   She won the GRAND PRIX at the Art Renaissance XI International music competition (Gyumri, Armenia).

   She won the GRAND PRIX at the Golden Bow International music online competition (Russia).

   She received the Special Prize at the international music online competition Les Musicales du Center France.


   She won the First Prize at the North International music online competition (Stockholm, Sweden).

   She performed with Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra.


   She won the First Prize at the Gustav Mahler cello competition.

    She won the First Prize at the Napolinova World cello competition (Italia).

    She won the First Prize at the Medici International music competition (England).

    She has received the Grant from Armenian Assembly in Russia.


   She has performed with Khmelnitski National Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine).

   She has performed with Dneprapetrovsk National Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine).

   She has received  a Grant from Women's Musical Month organisation.

   She has performed with Nova Orchestra Wien, conductor William Garfield Walker (Austria, Vienna).

   As a soloist, Lyana has performed with the Sergey Jhilin’s chamber orchestra in Moscow, as well as the  Armenian  State  Philharmonic Orchestra, Dneprapetrovsk National Philharmonic Orchestra,  Khmelnitski National Philharmonic Orchestra, Armenian National Chamber Orchestra.

        Lyana Ulikhanyan is a member of the  “Armenian New Names “ program. “Artis Futura”  (music foundation).Music for the Future (music foundation).


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