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I am Kevin Andrés Ordoñez Macas, I was born on May 26, 1998 I am 22 years old and I am from a little city, called Machala, in southern Ecuador, very near to the border with the neighboring country of Peru.
My family is very humble and always They wanted some of my brothers to study music, I finally did it, I entered to receive violin classes at the Machala Conservatory, I was there for three months, because they fired the teacher, the musical system in my city is a franchise of money and corruption, So I decided to leave the conservatory to receive my classes with the teacher who was fired, after a while the El Oro Youth Symphony Orchestra opened and I auditioned and stayed in the line of the first violins. Years passed and there was no violin teacher so I decided to take classes with a very good teacher in another city 4 hours from mine, I traveled every Tuesday to Guayaquil and I felt that I improved a lot, however due to financial reasons I had to leave the classes, the stage was bleak, until I got a very good job in Quito, that is, in the capital, so I didn't think twice and left, in Quito things were wonderful, there were orchestras, theaters, violin teachers , conservatories and more, there I entered the Orquesta Joven Del Ecuador, where I was in the row of the second violins, it was very hard, after a while I became the main of the row of the seconds and later in the row of first violins (first music stand) my work led me to teach music to children and young people with special abilities. With the OJE I made a tour of Europe in 2018, playing in countries like France, Switzerland and Spain. Later I auditioned for the Ecuadorian Youth Symphony Orchestra, remaining in the row of the second violins, with the Orchestra of my work, I made a tour of Mexico in 2019, it should be noted that I have never played as a soloist, nor are there any violin rehearsals and piano, there is very little, once I tried to play as a soloist but my nerves attacked me and I blocked myself. For medical reasons, I had to return to Machala where I am currently studying violin with one of the best soloists that Ecuador has, Mtro. Santy Abril, also studied the university, the career of pedagogy in musical arts. I decided to participate in World Vision, I had never participated in an event like this, to have experience and to be able to develop later as a great musician.


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Kevin Ordonez

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