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Dimcho Velichkov was born on 11.08.1987 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria in a family of musicians. He started playing the piano when he was six. One year later he became a member of his father’s piano class as a student in “National High School For Music, Dance and Theatre” Hristina Morfova, Stara Zagora.

He received his first award “Young Hopes” from the IV international competition “The Music And The Earth” when he was nine.

In 2002 he played in “Hall Bulgaria”. One year later he was a solist of the orchestra of The National State Opera , Stara Zagora. There he performed Robert Schumann, piano concert in A-minor. He played as a soloist in Gap and Marseille as part of the international project “Young Musical Talents” – Bulgaria and France.

In 2005 he graduated ”The National High School For Music, Dance and Theatre” Hristina Morfova, Stara Zagora with an excellence. Later that year he became a student at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna in the piano class of professor Franz Zettl. During that time his teachers were professor Franz Zettl, doctor Otto Probst, professor Igo Koch and professor Markus Prause.

In 2011 he obtained a bachelor degree in the piano class of professor Markus Prause. In 2015 he obtained a master degree. He has performed concerts in Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russia, Slovakia. He has taken part in the symphony orchestra “Blue jeans soloist Vienna “.

In 2013 he was invited by the Bulgarian Culture Institute and The Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow to perform as part of the celebrations of the capital of Russia. The same year he performed in Toronto, Canada.

In the autumn of 2014 he played in South Korea.

He has participated in various competitions and festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. Some of them are “Stage of The Young Performer”, Bulgaria (2013) which was part of the Youth Festival for stage arts, Youth International Festival “Muses”, Bulgaria (2013) in Sozopol, “Korean World Music Performing”, South Korea (2014), “Sofia Music Weeks”, Bulgaria (2016), “Apollonia” – Sozopol, Bulgaria (2016), “Festival of Arts Boris Hristoff", Bulgaria (2016), International Festival “Skopje Summer”, Macedonia (2018), International Festival “Оhrid Summer Festival”, North Macedonia (2019) and others.

Dimcho Velichkov has participated in the piano classes of professor Atanas Kurtev, professor Dimo Dimov, Ivajla Kirova, professor Krasimir Gatev, Aaron Short. Dimcho Velichkov has played as a concert performer and has participated as a soloist of many symphonic orchestras. He has worked also with other performers like Klara Shuman - flute, Hristina Lazarova - soprano, Uljana Levit - soprano, Fulvio Bertosso, Ina Petkova - violoncello, Maiko Enomoto - violin, Miho Yamamura - piano.

From 2017 to 2019 he worked as a piano teacher at the Franz Schubert Conservatory – Vienna, at the Schmid & Zettelmann Private Music School, Vienna and at Allegro Vivace Music school - Vienna.

In 2019 he married pianist Mariana Koval and they founded a piano duo. In 2020 they already had their first concert in Vienna.

National and International awards:
- 1st Place from the King’s Peak international music competition - 2020
- 1st and Absolute award from the XIV international competition “Internazionale di Muzica Euterpe”, chairman of the jury was Marchelo Abado, brother of the well known conductor Сlaudio Abado - 2012
- 2nd award and silver medal from the XII international competition “Euterpe”, Corato, Italy - 2010
- 2nd award and silver medal in the category “Piano Duo” from the Third National Competition “Classic and Modern times”, Bulgaria - 2002
- 3rd award from the second national competition “Vienna Classic“, Bulgaria - 2000
- special award Young Talents from the 4th international competition “The Music And The Earth”, Bulgaria
- diploma for significant art achievements by the mayor of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.


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Dimcho Velichkov

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