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Isabella Cambini

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Born in 2002, she began 4 years old studying and playing the harp at the Amadeus Music Academy in Agrate Conturbia under the guidance of Simona Marchesi.

Since the beginning she demonstrates her passion and inclination towards this instrument and, with great perseverance, cultivates with her mother support  her wonderful talent.

Very young - at 5 years old - she participates in several concerts and competitions with great results.
She has won several awards in various international competitions, both in Italy and abroad.

In 2010 she won the first prize at the International Competition of San Bartolomeo and the second prize at the Riccione National Competition.
In March 2011 she won the first prize at the International Competition of Treviso - with a 100/100 marks and in April the first prize at the International Competition for Young Musicians of Legnago.
In 2012 she ranks second place at the International Competition in Cagliari, but she won first prize at the "Suoni d'Arpa" International Competition in Salsomaggiore Terme, and she performed in Modena in a solo concert.
In Paris she also participates as a solo harp at a concert at the Italian Embassy and at a concert at the Palazzo Unesco with the Harpamadeus group, of which she is a part.

At the International Competition in Valstrona, in May 2013, she ranks first with a 100/100 marks; in November she ranks first with the 100/100 marks at the International Harp Competition in Szeged, Hungary.

In February 2015 she was invited as a guest of honor to perform at the Gallerie d'Italia in Milan on the occasion of the events related to Expo 2015. In July 2015 she won the first prize at the San Bartolomeo Competition and received a scholarship as the best classified in the whole competition. In October 2015 she received a scholarship from the Bracco Foundation dedicated to young emerging talents. In December 2015 she plays as a soloist, in Milan for a cultural event at the Gallerie d'Italia.

In March 2016 she won the 1st prize in the "Civic School of Music Claudio Abbado" competition, in June of the same year she won the Val Tidone International Competition, obtaining the first overall prize. At the same time he was also invited to perform as a soloist in a concert in Franciacorta, for the review "Franciacorta in Musica".

In September 2017 she won the Second Prize at the International Competition in Saluzzo, participating in the category above his age - up to 19 years.
In May 2018 she won the First Prize between all the soloists with a 100/100 marks at the "Civic School of Music Claudio Abbado" competition and the First Prize at the "Giovani Musicisti" Competition in Casatenovo.

In May 2019 she won the First Prize at the Stresa International Competition with a 99/100 marks.

Always in 2019 June, she was awarded a scholarship by the Brusoni Foundation, in recognition of her achievements and commitment in the world of music.

She currently plays in the AMA Young String Orchestra Orchestra, conducted by M ° Anna Modesti, teacher at the Conservatory of Lugano, as Advanced Orchestral WorkShop.

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