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Stepan Starikov was born in 1992 to musician parents. He started studying violin at the age of five under the prominent teacher Galina Turchaninova.
Stepan graduated from:
-    Moscow State conservatory high school of music with high honors in '11
-    Moscow State Conservatory '16 class of Sergey Girshenko
-    Mozarteum University '21 class of Pierre Amoyal.
He gave his first public solo performance at the age of 6 and performed with a symphony orchestra at the age of 10.

Stepan Starikov is a laureate of the following international competitions:
- First Prize - VI International Young Musicians competition - 2009 Moscow
- First Prize - First International Mario Filioley violinist competition - 2011 Italy
- Student Grant - Andrea Postaccini competition - 2012 Italy
- Third Prize III - Auer International Violin competition - 2014 St.Petersburg, Russia
- Semifinalist at Tchaikovsky Musical Competition - 2015 Moscow
- V International Jascha Heifetz competition - Diploma
- VI Henri Marteau International Violinist competition - III prize - 2017
- 4thManhattan International Music Competition - golden medal - 2019
- V Agustin Aponte International Competition - II prize - 2020

He is also a laureate of multiple international festivals
- Second Prize  - Moscow Forum of Gifted Children 2001 Moscow.  
-"Children and Music" open festival.  Moscow 2003 and 2006
- IX and X International festivals of young soloists 2003, 2005 (Moscow)
- Participated in the cultural program for the Russian - Italian summit (President Putin and Silvio Berlusconi)
- "Tchaikovsky's birthplace" festival 2010, Izhevsk, Russia
- VII International festival «Moscow is greeting friends» 2010г., Moscow
- Copenhagen Summer Festival, 2010г., Denmark
- International Tchaikovsky festival - Klin, 2015
- Fourth International Festival "The Green Noise" 2016  Surgut
- Prokofiev Gala festival, Ryazan 2016

Stepan is actively collaborating with the St.Petersburg House of Music since 2017. As part of that collaboration he has performed in Hungary, Slovakia as well as in St.Petersburg Capella.

Stepan was awarded stipends from several charitable foundations such as "Russian performing arts foundation", "New Names" and "The V.Spivakov Foundation". In 2010 he won a gifted young performer award from Russian Ministry of Science and Education.

Stepan is performing as part of the Russian "Stars of the XXI century" program throughout the country. He has also toured and played music in Japan, Italy, Germany, USA and Cyprus. He performed in all major concert venues in Moscow including the Grand Hall of Moscow State Conservatory, the Moscow House of Music etc.
Mr.Starikov collaborated with such orchestras as Grand and Chamber Orchestras of the Moscow Conservatory, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Udmurt Regional Symphony Orchestra, Yaroslavl Academic Symphony, Russian Chamber Orchestra of Kursk, "Musica Viva".
He played with such conductors as A.Hirshfeld (USA), S.Ostapenko, S.Orlov, N.Rogotnev, S.Oselkov, S.Proskurin, V.Valeev, V.Urupin, D.Kirpanev, M.Leontiev and A.Shurov, E.Grandi (Germany), M.Petrenas (Lithuania) and A.TItov


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