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Lorenzo Adamo

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My name is Lorenzo Adamo, I am a pianist and I come from Milan, Italy. I am twenty years old and, throughout my whole life, I have been passionate about classical music. The profound connection I feel to my instrument originated when I was only four years old: my grandmother used to play the piano for me every time I visited her, and I remember listening very carefully to each sound, melody and piece, asking her infinite questions regarding the instrument and the music she played. On that same year, I asked my parents to allow me to take piano lessons, and my journey as a musician began.
A young teacher called Katya Genghini taught me the basics of the piano and helped meachieve the first results , such as – among the others - winning the first prize in the “Musica in luce” Competition in 2009 (with concert at the Teatro dal Verme of Milan), the second prize in the “American Protegé” in 2011 (with concert at the Carnegie Hall of New York) and the first absoulte prize in the “Oleggio” Competition in 2012. Recognising my constantly growing passion and devotion to the instrument, in 2013 she encouraged me to apply to the Conservatory “G.Verdi” of Milan, where I got accepted in the class of Professor Silvia Rumi. Five years later, in February 2019, I graduated with first class honors, with a dissertation on Franz Schubert and his Piano Sonatas. I have always been particularly interested in receiving a culturally diverse and internationally comprehensive training: in 2018, my Trio and I were selected to represent Italy at theKyoto International Music Festival in Japan. In 2019, after winning the first prize both in the “Riviera della Versilia” Competition and the first prize in the “Premio Rancati” Competition , I was determined to continue my studies in the multicultural and world-leading Royal College of Music in London. I got accepted to study on the Master of Performance course with Professor Norma Fisher in September 2019.
Despite the pandemic and the difficulties encountered to adjust to the situation, the academic year 2019-2020 has been for me a wonderful experience. In the RCM, I had the honour of studying with an outstanding musician who enlightened my vision of piano playing and helped me find and express a personal “musical voice”. I also had the chance to form a Trio with two expert musicians, with whom I plan to keep playing as a professional chamber music ensemble even after the end of my studies. Last year, I also started studying privately with Maestro Alexander Romanovsky, who will now be my Professor at the RCM together with Professor Fisher. In 2020, participating in live and online competitions in different countries, I won the first prize in the “International Krainev Competition”, the semi-finalist prize in the “Virtualoso Competition for young artists”, the second prize in the “W.A.Mozart Competition of Lugano” and the third prize in the “Rising Stars Online Competition of Berlin”.  

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