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Hsin-Yu Tuan

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Hsin-Yu, Tuan, age 16,studies with Professor Grace Chung in Taiwan, Prof. James Brawn, Prof. Piotr Tomasz, Dr. Jenny Chai, Dr. Niccolo Athens in Shanghai . Hsin-Yu has won many awards since she was 8 years old.

I am a passionate student of the music world and wish that I would achive my goal as a pianist. Music brings joy to my life and I am completely grateful that I have amazing people supporting me and encouraging me. I've won a few awards in the past but this award is definitely my dream to enter. Winning this competition would bring incredible joy to me. Performing in the Carnegie Hall would bring pride and the reassurance that I am capable of showing my music skills to this world. My school has never been exactly musically inclined so I wanted to show my community that music is extremely important in the world around us. I want to show people that music bring different emotions that you would not be able to feel on a regular basis. My love for music is very different from the people around me, I can not imagine my life without it.


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Hsin-Yu Tuan

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