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Ramilya Saubanova

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Ramilya Saubanova is a second- year DMA piano student at Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University, studying under the guidance of Alexander Shtarkman.
Since 2010, Ramilya has began to actively perform in the cities of her Republic of Tatarstan and nearby Russian cities, Republic of Chuvash, Bashkortostan, Mari-El, also in some cities of Europe and in Baltimore (USA) as a soloist, a vocal accompanist and as a chamber music performer in various ensembles.
Ramilya has performed Piano Concerto №.2 by Chopin with the Astrakhan Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra, and has played a recital in the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic as a soloist of the Saint-Petersburg Music House; also Ramilya has performed Piano Concerto №5 by Beethoven with the Rostov Academic Symphony Orchestra, and Piano Concerto by Rustem Yakhin with the Kazan Large Concert Wind Orchestra.

Ms. Saubanova participated in the master classes with Professors as Frederic Voorn (Netherlands), Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri (Belgium), S. Edelman (Belgium), A. Diyev (Russia), E. Minkstimas (Lithuania, USA), T. Shklovskaya (Russia), T. Joamets (Estonia), S. Markarov (Paris), S. Spooner (USA), and  L. Fleisher (USA).

Ramilya Saubanova is a laureate of international competitions; a holder of the Presidential Scholarship of Republic of Tatarstan, 2016. Also, she is a holder of Clara Ascherfeld Award in Piano Accompanying, 2019 and 2020. She was a scholarship recipient from Mr. and Mrs. Koether,  Mr. Sopher, and Mr. Metshin 2018-2020.  Currently Ramilya is a holder of Alyne Ludwig-Subock Memorial Scholarship, and would like to thank Laura L.S. Lucas for establishing it at Peabody.
Ms. Saubanova was elected in 2020 to become a part of the American Honor Society Pi Kappa Lambda Society.

P.S. On the video I performed N. Medtner's Sonata Tragica from Forgotten Melodies op. 39. Thank you! 


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Ramilya Saubanova

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