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Born in Tokyo Japan,  Satoru Aoki was born to a musical, artistic, music loving and culturally enthusiastic family.
Even at age 1,  Satoru showed a keen interest in listening to his favorite tapes of music, especially that of Bach and 20th Century Contemporary Repertoire all day long.

With the influence of an artist mother, Satoru, at age five began drawing and painting, of which, one of his works had won a Junior Art contest and was displayed at an Art Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. At around the same time, Satoru began taking piano lessons and he became a regular performer at school performance productions and was voted as Audience Favourite annually, performing as the Little Pianist up until graduating primary school.

Due to the rich cultural and educational backgrounds of his parents, Satoru was encouraged to try multi-faceted aspects of diverse life experiences, and in his middle school years, joined and became a regular soccer club football player, and with his agile and speedy physical gifts, became a star player of the Regional middle school soccer league. Satoru’s Mathematical abilities became also apparent in his High School years where through rigorous selective process, he won a regional Calculus Grade I Contest.

Satoru nevertheless fully embraced his true passion that lies with his first love, his love for the piano and music, thus, entered Tokyo Music University graduating with honors in spring, 2019.

Satoru began intensively training to hone and redefine his pianistic and artistic skills with the pianist, Prof. Clara Inaba in the fall of 2019.
Satoru Aoki, has since won an Honorable Special Prize at International Grand Virtuoso Prize Competition in Bonn, Germany in 2020, as well as winning the Third Prize at the International Grand Classical Competition 2020 in New York where he will be making his NY debut at Carnegie Hall, Weil Recital Hall in 2022.

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