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Ani Natroshvili

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Ani Natroshvili (1995, Dokkum - The Netherlands) started violin lessons in 2002. She was taught by Renske de Vries-Entrop, violin teacher at a Music school in Groningen. In 2009 she continued the viola lessons with Gijs Philip van Schaik, violin/viola teacher at String Studio Groningen.
In 2012 Ani was accepted as a student in the Young Talent Class of the Prince Claus Conservatoire Groningen with the teacher Ervin Schiffer. In 2013 she was accepted with success as a bachelor student at the Prince Claus Conservatoire.
Ani was an orchestra member (2012-2013 leader) of the Haydn Youth String Orchestra Groningen from 2009 to 2013. In 2011 this orchestra won second prize at the Summa Cum Laude Festival in Vienna. In 2006 Ani participated in the Haydn Music Festival and found her very musical from a young age. In 2010 she participated in the Princess Christina Competition and received an honorable mention.
She took lessons and masterclasses from Ervin Schiffer, Marc Tooten, Sander Geerts, Máté Szűcs, Edith van Moergastel, Christophe Weidmann, Michael Kugel, Mikhail Zemtsov, Julia Dinerstein and Timur Yakubov.
She finished her bachelor studies at the Prince Claus Conservatoire (teacher: Christophe Weidmann) and master studies at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (teacher: Mikhail Zemtsov). She started with the baroque viola and has lessons with Antoinette Lohmann.
In 2017 she had the honor of playing pieces with choral accompaniment, specially composed for her in Budapest, Hungary. The composers who made the pieces were Adrian Bohner, Roman Medenczi and Nana Tchikhinashvili.
She participated in several projects together with a number of people and orchestras. She has collaborated with NNO, with Mike Boddé as soloist, Metropole Orchestra Academy, The Orchestra of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Youth Chamber Music Northern Orchestra conducted by Johannes Leertouwer and Rolf Verbeek and the North Pole Orchestra.
In 2014 Ani had to perform in the Hanze Symphony Orchestra for Princes Beatrix (The previous Queen of The Netherlands). The concert was for the honor of Prince Claus's name. She has worked with conductors including Ed Spanjaard, Steven Asbury, Johannes Leertouwer, Etienne Siebens, Jules van Hessen, Hans Leenders, Wayne Marshall, Jac van Steen and Simon Dobson.


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