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Jiaying Wang

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School education

➢ 2021 Zusatzstudium at the University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim
➢ 2020 Scholarship from DAAD Klassiktage Akademie: Meisterkurs Thomas Selditz Schlossakademie: Meisterkurs Hartmut Rohde
➢ Since 2018: Master’s degree at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München
➢ 2014 - 2018: Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing): Bachelor degree 2018
➢ 2008 - 2014: Zhengzhou, The Hui People Middle School

Musical education
➢ 2010 - 2014: Solo viola of the Zhengzhou Symphony Orchestra, The Hui People Middle School
➢ 2014 - 2018: Studied viola at the Central Conservatory of Music Beijing attended master classes at:
- Roberto Diaz (Curtis Institute of Music, USA)
- Michael Kugel (Conservatorium Maastricht, Netherlands)
- Nokothula Ngwenyama (Phoenix Chamber Music Society)
➢ 2015: Visited the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna Interview with viola soloist Wolfgang Klos
➢ 2015: Foundation of the string quartet “Luftquartett” 2
➢ 2016: Participation in the concert performance “Xia Xin Fei Bai” (Composer: Lao Luo / New Art Music) of the Confucius Institute at the  Conservatory for music
➢ 2016: Lessons in Innsbruck and Belarus with viola professor Alexander Khakhlov (Belarusian State Academy of Music / solo violist of the Tyrolean Innsbruck Symphony Orchestra)
➢ 2017: Appearance with quartet “Luftquartett” at the 20-year-old Harvard China Forum themed event
➢ March 2017: Appearance at the award ceremony of the “European-Chinese Cultural Exchange Contribution Award”
➢ March 2017: Appearance with the quartet “Air Quartet” at the 8th Science and Art Concert by the University of Aerospace in Beijing
➢ 2017: Scholarship for outstanding students and scholarship for Sports Activities of the Central Conservatory of Music Beijing
➢ 2018: Tour with the China Philharmonic Orchestra to Harbin, Nanning and at the Youth Music Culture Guangdong
➢ Since 10/2018: Master studies at the University of Music and Theater in Munich

Language training in German
➢ Learned language level B1 in China
➢ Participation in a German course at the University of Music and Theater in Munich
➢ Language exchange with a German tandem partner

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