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Lilla Nóra SZABÓ was born into a family of culture and classical music lovers in Hungary in 2003. Between 2012 and 2018 she began her cello studies as a student of the cellist teacher Gabriella Dikáczné Kanfi at the Kispest School of Art in Budapest. In addition, she receive regular coaching from cellist professor Ádám Jávorkai until today. Since 2018 she was taught by the great hungarian cellist prof. Péter Szabó at the Leó Weiner Catholic School and High School of Music in Budapest. 

Lilla Nóra Szabó performed with Prof. Johannes Moser and Ádám Jávorkai in a Trio and in the cello orchestra of the course at the final concert of the Gutensteiner Master Classes in Austria (2021), as well as with the Budapest String Orchestra and the Leo Weiner Orchestra she enjoy an active and multifaceted presence on stage. As sensitive and creative soloist and enthusiastic chamber musician she makes it her goal to build bridges between each work and the audience, enabling the listener to completely engage with the music. She has won several international music competitions in the last few years in Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Italy, Austria and in her home country.

Since 2019 Lilla Nóra Szabó plays an Johann Christoph Leidolff (1690 - 1758) mastercello, generously loaned her by an Austrian patron. In 2020 her was provided also a cello made by Ferenc Kőrösi, based on a Stradivarius B model, allowing by the Leo Weiner Conservatory. Since 2019 Lilla Nóra Szabó has been the owner of a master cellobow made by Bernd Etzler, after she won for the purchase a very significant sponsorship of the MOL Foundation Talent Support Program Art - Science 2020 in Hungary.

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Lilla Szabó

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