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Olga Davnis was born on 9 Nov 2003 in Dolgoprudnyy. She is studying music since 6 years at the Moscow Gnessin Music School in the class of Professor Tatiana Zelikman. In her 17 years Olga takes an active part in various concerts and international competitions, is awarded a scholarship from Yuri Rozum and Winter Ball. Recently, she won the 2nd prize-grant of Mayor of Moscow in the sphere of culture and art, 1st prize at the competition in Lithuania, "Music without borders", 1st prize at competition in France, "Nouvelles Etoiles" and other.. In 2014 was a finalist at the competetion Rotary International, in 2015 opened the festival of Russian music in Serbia with Emir Kusturica. In addition to piano, she plays the harpsichord in the class of Professor Olga Martynova.

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