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Ankit Tripathi

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Ankit Tripathi was born on 8th September 2005 in Riga, Latvia.

Ankit is studying at Riga Joseph Medinsh 1st Music school. He plays in school's chamber orchestra "Armonico" and in Latvian Youth Symphony orchestra “Born in Latvia”.

Ankit is laureate of many national and international violin competitions, such as: 


  • 18th International festival "Moscow Meets Friends" (Russia)
  • Latvian Talents, national competition, 3 prize
  • Concord, international competition (Russia) – 2 prize
  • Nouvelles Etoiles-4, international competition, (France) – 1 prize


  • Rising Stars -2020, international competition (Latvia), 1 prize
  • World Championships of Performing Arts, (USA), Grand PriX
  • Talents of Europe, international competition (Spain), 2 prize
  • World Art Games, international competition (Spain), 1 prize


  • Rising Stars -2019, international competition (Latvia), 1 prize
  • KAUNAS SONORUM-2019, international competition, (Lithuania), 3 prize


  • Latvian National competition, 2 prize


  • Rising Stars -2017, international competition (Latvia), 1 prize
  • International arts forum EUROJURMALA-2017 (Latvia), 1 prize
  • 7th International musiс competition Future Stars (Latvia/Georgia), 1 prize


Ankit actively participates in Master Classes with European, Russian and Israel violin professors.



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Ankit Tripathi

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