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Stefan Iordachi

FlagRomania, Bucharest Bucureşti NoteCello

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 Stefan Iordachi was born in Bucharest, on the 29th of June, 2009. He started studying the cello under the guidance of Mrs. Ani-Marie Paladi. He participated în recitals organized în Bucharest at the Roumanian Athenaeum, „Sutu Palace”, Hungarian Cultural Institute, the Roumanian Olimpic Committee, the Național Music School „George Enescu”, the Gymnasial Arts School ”Iosif Sava”. Toghether with the repertoire dedicate to the cello, he successfully approche the chamber music. At present, Stefan is a student at ”George Enescu” National College of Music.


- 2-nd prize Gustav Mahler Prize Cello Competition, Prague;

- 1-st prize George Manoliu Master of Strings, Bucharest;

- 1-st prize VIII Stockholm International Music Competition;

- 1-st prize "The Violin Doc" International Competition;


- 1st prize – Internațional Cello Competition „Jan Vychytil”, Prague;

- 1st prize – Internațional Cello Competition „Antonio Janigro”, Zagreb.

In august 2020, he participated in a Cello Masterclass with Valentin Radutiu at the Biertan.


- 3rd prize – International Cello Competition David Popper, Varpalota;

- 1st prize - the Music Olimpics, the national stage, Romania;

- 1st prize – International Musical Interpretation Competition George Georgescu, Romania;


- Participation at Romanian Music Festival, Bucharest;

- Participation at Romantique Music Festival, Bucharest;

- Participation at Baroque Music Festival, Bucharest;

- Paticipation as cellist in Violoncelissimo 100 Concert, Romanian Athenaeum

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Stefan Iordachi

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