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Luca-Thomas Muste

FlagRomania, Târgu-Mureş Mureş NoteViola

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I was born in Romania,2004 in a family of musicians.I begun studying the violine with my father at age 6.

I've participated in several national competitions and won prizes I,II and grand price in 2016 in a studies competition "Sansa Egala"held in my town,Targu-Mures.

In 2017 i begun my viola studies and still learning with prof. Margit Kardos at the Targu-Mures Vocational High School of Art .Won the grand price at a national Bach Festival in 2018,Cluj-Napoca and III prize National Olympiad of Music in 2019,Bucharest.

Thank you for hearting my work and voting for me!

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Luca-Thomas Muste

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