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Yuchen Tao

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Yuchen Tao, born in China, she is currently doing Konzertexamen study with Prof.Wolfram Christ at Musikhochschule Freiburg. She began her viola study with Prof.Dun Liu at 12 years old at music middle school attach to Sichuan Conservatory, and she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Shanghai Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Prof. Jensen Horn-Sin Lam. 

In 2016, she went to HMT Leipzig for her Master’s Degree, working with Prof. Tatjana Masurenko. During her studies in Leipzig, she was active in both solo and chamber music. She won the second prize and audience prize at HMT chamber music competition, and had several chamber music concerts throughout Germany and Portugal. 

She also had many orchestral experiences, and she was a regular guest player in Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House and Staatsoper Hannover.
In 2019 she received a contract working for Viola section in Staatstheater Augsburg.

Additionally, she had masterclasses with Hariolf Schlichtig, Thomas Riebl, Veronika Hagen, Gilad Karni, Lars Anders Tomter, Martin Outram, James Duham, and Jean Sulem.
Currently she plays a viola made by Alfred Leicht 1950 (Ulrich Koch’s Viola), loaned by Landessammlung Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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Yuchen Tao

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