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Paulo Lima

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Born in 2010, he began studying cello at the age of 8 when he joined the Orquestra Geração and won the first chair in the musical initiation category.
At the age of ten, he began his studies at the National Conservatory of Lisbon, where he joined the class of teacher Catherine Strynckx.
He participated in the 5th edition of the Bendada Music Festival where he worked with teacher Gracie Keith
Participated in masterclasses with Levon Mouradian and Kyril Zlotnikov.
In 2021 it won first prize in the Vecchi Costa National String Competition, first place in the National Youth Competition of the Music Conservatories of Portugal and second place in the Vasco Barbosa National Competition.
He currently participates in the music chamber and orchestra projects at the National Conservatory.

In the video for the Regional of the contest, Paulo plays The Swan by Camille Saint Saens and Alla Pollacca by Georg Goltermann.

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Paulo Lima

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