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Graduated from Shanghai Music Academy with harp major. Born in 1999, I studied piano at the age of 4, and was admitted to the Shanghai Music Academy attached to the fourth grade to study harp at 9 years old. In 2011, he was admitted to the Shanghai Music Academy attached middle school. Music Academy is recommended as an excellent graduate. Now admitted as the undergraduate exemption study of Shanghai Music Academy in 2021, under the tutelage of Professor Zhang Jie until now.
The attached high school was invited to perform in the Focus on Youth series of the 2nd World Harp Conference in Sydney, Australia through recording selection during the school, and won high praise from many international harp teachers. In the Beijing Harp Art Festival, he won the second place "Best German Performance Award" and a scholarship sponsored by the French Camac Harp Company. During my studies in school, I performed chamber music performances in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall and He Luting Concert Hall twice as an outstanding student in the orchestral department. Select the 2020 "Climbing Talents Plan". Apply for and pass the school’s selection of about 50 particularly outstanding students with development potential for sponsorship of the “Sound Talent Assistance” program, and have held many solo concerts. The response was overwhelming, and the 4th International Harp in Hong Kong In the professional group competition, he won the fourth place and was praised by the judges.
During the study period, I served as a harp seat and participated in the Shanghai Music Academy's annual symphony orchestra and teacher chamber music performances, including participating in the "Heroes", "He Luting" and "Tang Xianzu" opera tour and Professor Qiong's National Art Foundation Project " He has been invited to perform as guest harp players in Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and other well-known domestic orchestras, and was invited to perform solo harp at the Shanghai Musical Instrument Exhibition. In the 2019 session of the Nyo Junior Symphony Orchestra, he participated in the assessment for harp seats in Shanghai East Art Concert Hall, Berlin, Germany, Snape Concert Hall, and Italy.
During the school period, he won a second-class scholarship and a third-class scholarship. During the epidemic, he was invited to participate in NYO's live letter for reconstruction in the cloud symphony concert held by the school. Performed the works written, and actively participated in school volunteers and various music activities; Solo Ensemble at the Italian Harp Summer Camp Performance at the Jazz Music Club; Participated in the 1st Canada Vancouver World Harp Conference; No. 1 Professional music events such as the 2nd Australia Sydney World Harp Conference and the 3rd China Hong Kong World Harp Conference.
During the school, he received excellent teaching and praise from world-renowned performers and professors including Isablle Perrin, Marie-Pierre Langlamet, Isabelle Perrin, Susann McDonald, Linda Rollo, Jana Bouskova, Eleanor Turner, Mariko Anraku, Karen Vaughan, etc.

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Jianan Wang

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