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Li Yexuan,11 years old. He was born in Sichuan ChengDu.He is currently studying in Chengdu NO.7 YuCai Middle School.

He began to learn violin at the age of 4 and has been studying Viola with Che Jian since the age of 10.He has been Principal Viola of Sichuan Youth Symphony Orchestra .

He passed pre-college Tianjin Julia in 2020.

Li Yexuan won the second Prize in the first Switzerland Ming Classics-international Music Competition in 2020 .Grand Prize of UAF International Music Competition .The first prize  in the 30th Young Musician International Competition “Citta di Barletta”.The third prize in the 5th International Music Competition in Tenerife, Spain .The second Prize in the Primuz international strings competition

He participated in Viola masterclasses  from the professors Sheila Browne,Wang Ke Ju. 

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