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Artur Iskorostenskiy

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Round I

Adolf Andrey Schultz-Evler. “Concert Arabesques” in Es major based on Johann Strauss «By the Beautiful Blue Dunabe”, Op.12

Round II

1. P.I. Chaikovskiy. Prelude Allegro moderato and Fugue à 4 voix, Andante Op.21

2. F. List. Étude № 2 Es-dur from “Grandes Etudes de Paganini”, S.140

Round III

S.V. Rachmaninoff. Concerto for piano and orchestra (1 version)  fis- moll, 1st part, Op.№1


Artur Iskorostenskiy, 15 years old, the young pianist from Russia, the Winner of many international competitions.   

Born in Moscow, Russia on October 7th, 2006, Artur has begun his music studies at Moscow Secondary Special Music School named after Gnessins under the tuition of Elena Plyashkevich from 2010. Now he continues his studies at the same school.

Achievements for the last three years:

2021 (November 10th) - 1st Grant - ''The Mayer of Moscow Grants in the field of culture and art" Moscow

2021 (July) participation at OPEN AIR III International Music Festival of Boris Berezovskiy,  Russia 

2021 – July – Golden Medal with Honors - 3rd Vienna international music competition (online)

2021 – June – Grand Prix – I International piano competition S. Rachmaninoff, Bosnia and Herzegovina (online)

2021 (March-June)– First prize – International Music Competition “Crescendo” USA (online) 

2021 (March) First Prize – II International Music Competition “D-Competition” Moscow

2021 (March) – Grand Prix – IV INTL music Festival-Contest “Hungary and Russia – a commonwealth of two countries” – Moscow (online) 

2020 (November) – Second prize – III INTL Piano Competition “Stay Home Young” – Italy (online)

2020 (October) – First prize – INTL art festival and contest “Talents of Europe” – Spain (online) 

2020 (October) – Second prize – X INTL Competition of young pianists “Slobojanska Fantasy” – Ukraine (online) 

2020 (October) – First prize – Intl online music contest “Music Box” – UK (online)

2020 (June) – 1 award – “New Wave” International music competition – Moscow(online)

2020 (June) – Grand Prix - 1 Brussels’ music competition (online)

2020 (June) – 2nd award – Clavis Bavaria International online piano competition (online) 

2020 (January) – First award - Second International Rachmaninoff competition for young pianists, Moscow2019 (April) – First award – The First International Musical competition “World Music Heritage Young Talent”, Moscow

2019 – The Grand Prix - VII International Music Festival of young performers “Becoming a musician” Moscow

2018 (April) – First Award – XI Sergei Rachmaninov’s International competition of young pianists, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia


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Artur Iskorostenskiy

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