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Norea Nettekoven was born on the 24th of September in 1999 in Prien am Chiemsee. She visited the the Waldorf school in Prien and graduated from there in 2019 with the Abitur.

Norea started playing the harp when she was seven years old. She got her first lessons from Moritz Demer, a local harp teacher. When she was 15, Norea moved to the preparatory harp class delivered by Prof. Margit-Anna Süß. 

Norea participated at the “Jugend musiziert” contest twice and achieved a second place at the state level in Germany. 

Norea got the chance to participate in a master class three times, where she gathered many new, valuable experiences.

After high school, Norea was accepted at the University for Music and the performing Arts in Graz and she started her Bachelor of Arts for harp under the supervision of Prof. Margit-Anna Süß. In October 2021, Norea will enter her 5th semester.

Norea already played harp in various orchestras. Her first project with an orchestra was during her time at school, where she performed the harp concert from “Dittersdorf”. She played in several youth orchestras in her home town area, where she played pieces such as “Symphony fantastique” by H. Berlioz, “Petite Suite” by C. Debussy and “Carmen” by Bizet. Norea is a member in both, the Bavarian National Youth Orchestra (BLJO) and the Styrian National Youth Orchestra (LJSO).

Norea achieved the third place at the VDH contest 2021 (Verband der Harfenisten) in her age category.

In February 2021 Norea won the audition as the first harp for the Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra and will therefore be in the final round for the European Youth Orchestra (EUYO) this autumn.

This summer, she played in the Tyrolean Festival in Erl.

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Norea Nettekoven

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