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Fariza Mukhamediyarova

FlagKazakhstan, Nur-Sultan Nur-Sultan NoteViola

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Kazakh violist Fariza was born in Almaty. In age of 6 started to play violin and then viola at Kazakh National Academy of Music in Astana. At age of 16 won the third prize at International Musik-Festival Young Talents and Masters in Bulgary. Was working at State Astana (Nur-Sultan) Philharmonie Symphonic Orchestra and at the Theater Astana-Opera and Sinfonieorchester Aachen. She had a scolarship to study in a Bord in Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome Italy in Class of Professor Massimo Paris, since when she came to Germany to study at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln in Class of Professor Alexander Zemtsov. Participant of many Masterclasses in Germany and Switzerland.

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Participant's status: Worldvision participant
Fariza Mukhamediyarova

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