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Ma Chen, graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Affiliated Middle School, Now studied at Shanghai Conservatory of Music under Professor Sheng Li, Now is viola principle of the Symphony Orchestra of Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2017. He won the third prize in the first string competition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and was admitted to the Shanghai-Royal Union Academy in 2017. Become the first talent student. In 2015, He was admitted to the Morningstar Music Bridge in Calgary, Canada. In 2017, He was admitted to the Morningside music bridge, And performed solo at Jorden Hall Hall in NEC. 2018, He was admitted in Mornside music bridge, Warsaw, Poland, Performance and as a principle at Chopin Hall in Poland. 2018, He won the finalist award at the International Music Competition in Tenerife, Spain. In March 2019, He was the principal of the viola under the direction of Seiji Ozawa in Tokyo and Kyoto Since July 2019, the Jasmine Symphony Orchestra of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and the artistic director of the Symphony Chamber Orchestra since July 2019. He has attended the master classes of many internationally renowned professors, Master Nobuko Imai rated him "You are a really violist"

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Ma Chen

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