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Michelle Sweegers

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Michelle Sweegers(1997) is a Dutch concert harpist best known for her varying and narrative programs. Besides classical works that she performs on the concert harp, she also plays the electric harp with which she experiments with different musical styles. Michelle also creates her own compositions and likes to interact with the audience.

At the age of seven Michelle started playing the harp at the Factorium in Tilburg where she was taught by Margaret Forrest. After these first years of acquaintance with the instrument, she started taking lessons at various institutes. In 2011 she was accepted at the Academy of Musical Talent in Utrecht where she was taught by Erika Waardenburg. After obtaining her high school certificate, she went to study at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp with a principal subject Sophie Hallynck. In June 2018, she obtained her Bachelor's degree with "magna cum laude". Michelle then went on an Erasmus exchange at the CNSMD de Lyon (France) where she received lessons from Fabrice Pierre,Sylvain Blassel and Park Stickney. In 2019 she returned to Antwerp where she was taught Miriam Overlach. Michelle graduated in June 2020; for her master recital she was awarded the "greatest distinction" and she was also appointed "primarius" of the conservatoire.

Michelle has already won several prizes as a soloist at both national and international competitions. Some of them are Princess Christina Competition, Concours International de Harpes in Limoges, Rosa Spier Competition and the International Harp Competition Felix Godefroid. Michelle also followed internships and masterclasses with famous harpists, including at Isabelle Perrin, Sasha Boldachev, Deborah Henson-Conant and Gwyneth Wentink.

Michelle regularly performs on different types of occasions both at home and abroad. She plays in various settings: as a soloist, in chamber music and in collaboration with various orchestras. She has already performed as a soloist with orchestras such as Youth Orchestra Netherlands, European Philharmonia and the Amstel String Ensemble. Michelle has also been a guest on radio and TV shows several times to be interviewed and to perform. Examples of this are: Podium Witteman, The Music Factory, NTR Podium, “Spiegelzaal”, “Zwarte Prietpraat” and “De Wereld gaat Door”.

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Michelle Sweegers

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