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Li Mengzhen, born in March 1994 in Beijing,she has been studying under the guidance of Mr. Wang Shaowu.In 2013,she was recommended to the orchestra department of the Central Conservatory of Music .In 2017, she was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music as a graduate student with the first place in her major.And she also won "national scholarship".
The prizes she won:In 2012,she was won the third prize in the Great Wall International Music Festival Concerto Competition and also the third prize in Chamber Music  Competition .In 2016 she got the first prize in the National Youth Hummingbird Music Competition.In 2019, she was won the first prize in the Youth Group of the 29th Italian Youth International Music Competition "Città di Barletta" String Competition.
She has been invited to attend many music festivals, the master classes as well as all kinds of performances.she was participated in the rehearsal and performance of the concert “Kovacevich and the Macao Orchestra ”in Macao .She also went to the Musica Mundi ,which is the Belgian Chamber Music Festival, and won a full scholarship.Besides,she was guided by Maxim Vengerov, Ivry Gitlis and other internationally renowned masters there.Not to mention the Lausanne International Viola Master Class Music Festival in  Switzerland,she took part in it and learned from Matthais Buchholz,a great Viola player.
In 2017,on behalf of the Central Conservatory of Music, she went to Adelaide, Australia with the "Oriental Quartet"  to exchange with the "Australia Quartet" and held a “double happiness ”special concert.

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Mengzhen Li

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