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Mingyue Yu

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Mingyue Yu, a young violist born in Beijing in 2000, began to study violin at the age of four. She was admitted to the Central Conservatory of music Middle school in 2012. And studied Viola with Professor Wang Shaowu. Now, Mingyue is a violist pursing her Bachelor of music degree at the Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, where she studied with Professor Paul Coletti. 

Mingyue has won prizes in major competition, including the second prize of the 22nd International Johannes Brahms Competition in 2015. (No first prize), the first prize of the “Anton•Rubinstein” International Viola Competition in 2019, the third prize in Junior group of “VILLA DE LLANES” International Viola Competition in 2013 (In Spain). 

In 2020. She was invited to attend the concert "we were born in 2000" for the 20th anniversary of the founding of the China Philharmonic Orchestra. As a Viola Solo, she performed with conductor Yu Long and the orchestra at the closing ceremony of the Beijing International Music Festival.

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Mingyue Yu

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