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ziyue pan

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In May 2017, he won the first prize of the 11th Hundred Flowers Award in the provincial violin duet competition of group A of national specialty primary school,


Won the first place of violin duet in group A of primary school students in the national competition


In June 2018, he won the gold medal of the 15th "star torch" national youth art talent violin professional primary school group a duet provincial competition


In July 2019, he won the Zhejiang Youth art talent exchange conference and won the provincial gold award for duet in group B of violin professional primary school

2020年7月获第十八届中国优秀特长生艺术节小学B组小提琴独奏银奖 ,二重奏银奖

In July 2020, he won the silver prize for Violin Solo and duet in group B of primary school in the 18th China excellent gifted students art festival


In February 2021, he won the silver award for Solo in group B of violin major primary school in the 7th China campus art festival of "colorful campus"


In July 2020, he was admitted to Hangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra


In 2020, as a member of Hangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra, he participated in Hangzhou primary and secondary school students' Art Festival and won the first prize of junior middle school group combination program

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ziyue pan

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