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Daniele Benedetti

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Daniele Benedetti, born in Chieti on January 2, 2004, lives in Nocciano (PE).

 He started playing the cello in 2011 with the Masters Gianluigi Fiordaliso and Simona Abrugiato.  In 2013 he ranked first in the 8th National Competition of Ensemble Music in Campobasso and first in the 12th International Music Competition "Paolo Barrasso" in Caramanico Terme (PE).  In July 2013 he participated in the 1st National Competition "Musica al Cenacolo" in Catignano (PE), ranking first overall as a soloist.  In May 2017 he won the first prize at the 2nd National Music Competition "SGT Music Awards 2017" in San Giovanni Teatino (CH) with 98/100 points.  In April 2018 he ranked first at the Anxanum Music Awards with 99/100 points.  He is currently studying at the Pescara Conservatory with Maestro Massimo Magri.  He attended masterclasses with the masters Amedeo Cicchese, Enrico Melozzi, Jacopo Di Tonno, Andrea Agostinelli.  He plays with the Symphony Orchestra of the Pescara Conservatory and with the Symphony Orchestra of the Tosti Theater in Ortona.  It was directed by the Masters Donato Renzetti, Andrea Di Mele, Paolo Angelucci, Pasquale Veleno, Roberto Molinelli, Massimo Spadano, Jacopo Sipari Di Pescasseroli, Dian Tchobanov, Angelo Valori, Enrico Melozzi, Marco Moresco.

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Daniele Benedetti

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