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Haiyun Wang

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Wang Haiyun studied piano at the age of four and cello at the age of eight. She successively studied with Professor Wang Yajuan of the middle school affiliated to Inner Mongolia Academy of art, Professor Li Jiwu of Shanghai Conservatory of music and Dr. Geng Wenbin, a violinist in Germany.

Participated in the international Aegean cup competition in 2016

In 2017, she was admitted to the Affiliated Middle School of Inner Mongolia Academy of art with the first place in his major, and served as the cellist chief of Inner Mongolia Youth Symphony Orchestra. She won a scholarship for three years in school

In 2018, Inner Mongolia chamber music competition entered the finals

In 2019, the first string competition in Inner Mongolia won the gold medal

In August 2019, the international music summer camp competition of the high school attached to the Central Conservatory of music won the sixth place in the cello professional group, and participated in master classes such as Tian Bonian and K. Rodin, which were highly praised.

In November 2019, she was selected as an outstanding graduate to perform a concert solo in the grand performing arts hall

In 2020, it won the first place in Cello major in music joint examination of Inner Mongolia Province

At the same time, it won the first place in Tianjin Conservatory of music, the second place in Zhejiang Conservatory of music, Xinghai Conservatory of music, China Conservatory of music and Capital Normal University.

Finally, she successfully passed the Shanghai Conservatory of music with excellent results and is now studying with the Shanghai Conservatory of music.

In the same year, she entered the Symphony Orchestra of Shanghai Conservatory of music and participated in the performance.

At the end of 2020, enkor International string competition won the second prize

In June 2021, as the chief cellist, the Baroque Orchestra directed by Mr. Gao Jian performed in He Luting Concert Hall of Shanghai Conservatory of music

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Haiyun Wang

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