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Hu Chenyuan

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Chenyuan Hu was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Since childhood, he has been influenced by her elder sister. At the age of five, he studied cello from the first graduate cello educator of the Central Conservatory of Music, Teacher Zhang Xisheng. At the age of 9, he studied cello from Professor Li Jiwu of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. During his study, he was instructed by cello educators such as Professor Liu Dahai in Shangyin, Professor Kirl Rodin of Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, Dandi Wang of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, and Peiyao Guo, a doctoral student of Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

In October 2015, he participated in the first Xiaojasmine Award cello competition in Jiangsu Province and won the Children's Group A Excellent Performance Award.

He won the first prize in the children's first division for participating in the Shanghai Youth cello competition in October 2017.

In October 2017, he participated in the second Little Jasmine Award in Jiangsu Province and won the first prize in the children's group A gold medal.

In October 2018, he won the first prize in the children's second division in the Yangtze River Delta cello competition.

In August 2019, he won the first place in the primary and secondary school group in the Taiwan only cello international cello competition.

He was admitted to high School affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music in August 2020.

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Hu Chenyuan

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