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Hugo Dominguez

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Hugo Dominguéz Fernandéz
Date of Birth: February 1st 2008 (13 Years old)

Address: San Agustin del Guadalix, Madrid, Spain

Education: 2nd ESO at IES San Agustín del Guadalix



Started music at the age of five. I am a 13 year old young virtuous Cello soloist, with absolute ear, part of the “Jóven Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid” (JORCAM) for 4 years now and last 2 years as soloist. Having performed soloist Cello concerts around Spain and starting 4th of EEPP (being 2 years ahead). 


·         Absolute ear

·         Virtuosity

·         Hearing sensibility

·         Finger agility

·         Execution technique



·         May 2017 – Now: Passed the entrance exams of the “Jóven Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid” (JORCAM)

o    April 2021: Promoted to Soloist

·         July 2018 - Concert with JORCAM at Escorial’s Auditorium

·         May 2019 - Concert with the “Orquesta de Cuerda de música del Conservatiorio de Arturo Soria” at Madrid’s National Auditorium

·         June 2019 - Concert with JORCAM at “Teatros del canal de Madrid”

·         Aug 2019: 

o    Soloist Cello Concert performance at Soria’s Casino

o    Soloist Cello Concert performance at Soria’s Auditorium

·         June 2020 -Concert with “Youth Community of Madrid Orchestra” (JORCAM) at the “Teatros del canal de Madrid”



·         September 2013 - At the age of five, started Cello studies with Lucia Diez

·         Junio 2016 - At the age of eight, passed the entrance exams at the “Conservatorio de Arturo Soria” in Madrid, with the highest grade

·         May 2017 - Now: Passed the entrance exams of the “Jóven Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid” (JORCAM). Studied with Sergio Castro, Antonio Navarro and currently Anne Marie North as conductor

·         July 2018 - Sept 2019: Weekly classes with the prestigious pedagogue María de Macedo

·         October 2019 - Now: Scholarship with weekly classes at “Escuela superior de Música Katarina Gurska” Cello with Michal Dmochowski

·         June 2020 Master class day with Pablo Ferrandez & Ray Chen

·         July 2020:

o    One week Master classes with Israel Fausto

o    One week Master classes with Carolina Landriscini

·         March – June 2020 Master classes with Adrián Van Goen 

·         September 2021: Studying 2 years ahead, 4th EEPP (Professional Studies at Arturo Soria) with Amparo Más, obtaining Honors in all subjects



·         August 2021: Finalist Certificate at “MAP-IMC” contest, winner to be announced by September the 20th (Moscow, Russia)

·         August 2021:

o    Runner up in the “Medici International Music Competition”

o    Scholarship in high specialisation to continue Musical studies given by BECASAIE (Entity managing music performers in Spain)

·         July 2021: Scholarship as the most outstanding student in the specialty of string in the “International Music Course of Segovia” given by GLAE (Gremio de Luthiers y Arqueros de España)

·         May 2021: Soloist competition Winner at the “Conservatoria de música de Arturo Soria”

·         April 2021: Promoted to Soloist in the “Jóven Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid (JORCAM)

·         March 2021: Interviewed in the TV program “la Partytura” under New Talent section by the Director Ramón Torrelledo

·         December 2020: Competition Winner at “Comunidad de Madrid Intercentros Melómano”

·         September 2019:  Runner up in the competition “Jaime Dobato y Benavente para Chelo de Jóvenes promesas” held at Alcañiz

·         August 2019: Competition Winner of the “Concurso Internacional de Música de Cámara Manuel Canales¨ held in Soria

·         July 2019 one week Master classes with Susana Stefanovic

·         June 2019: Final degree award in “Conservatorio de Arturo Soria” in Madrid

·         May 2018: 2nd Runner up in “Luthier Clar competition” in Valencia


Native Spanish

English Medium/high




Play the piano and Electric guitar


References available upon request

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Hugo Dominguez

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