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Thierry Roggen

FlagSwitzerland, Allschwil Basel-Landschaft NoteDouble bass

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Born into a family of musicians in 1988, Thierry already shows an inexplicable affinity for his archaic instrument, the double bass, at the age of two.

From his uncle, the double Bass player Yves Roggen, he receives his first lessons on a converted cello. A lucky encounter with the double bass virtuoso Gary Karr determined his musical future: Karr's assistant Ermanno Ferrari took the young musician under his wing.

In the spring of 2001, Thierry entered Béla Szedlàk's class at the "Hochschule der Künste" in Berne, Switzerland. There, at the age of 17, he successfully completed his basic studies in March 2006. Immediately afterwards, he continued his studies with Prof. Božo Paradžik at the "Hochschule für Musik Freiburg i.Br" in Germany, where he got his educational degree with distinction in the summer of 2009 in the course „Künstlerische Ausbildung“, and in the summer of 2011 in the course "Soloist Diploma".

After completing his studies, extensive experience followed, both as a soloist, in the orchestra and as a teacher. For example, as a substitute principal double bass in the Gürzenich Orchestra in Cologne, the Pforzheim Chamber Orchestra, the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra in Heilbronn, the Berne Symphony Orchestra and the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.

Finally, in 2015, his path led him to the Basel Symphony Orchestra as principal double bass, and to the Lausanne University of Music “Site de Sion” as a guest professor .


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Thierry Roggen

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