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Eva Solveig Knapkyte

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Eva Solveig Knapkyte
PERSONAL DETAILS: born 20.11.2007, Skien, Norway, age 13.
Lithuanian/Norwegian/Russian cellist.
September 2018: Special jury prize at Midgard konkurransen, Horten, Norway.
November 2018:  Second prize at the National Young Musician Competition, Norway /Oslo.
July 2019:  Second prize at the 30th Flame Competition, France/ Paris.
November 2020 – First Prize National Young Musician Competition, Norway
January 2021 – First Prize San-Francisco International Music Competition
February 2021 – Second Prize, Gustav Mahler International Cello Competition
February 2021 – First Prize, United States  International Open Music Competition
April 2021 – Gold Prize and Expressive Performance Special Prize London Young Musician Competition
Mai 2021 – Grand Prize Rocky Mountain Music Competition, Toronto, Canada. Invitation to recital in 2022.
Juni 2021 – First Prize The North International Music Competition, Stockholm, Sweden
September 2012: private lessons by Dag Øystein Berger as 5 year old kid, Norway/ Oslo
September 2016 - now : Classes by teacher Kari Ravnan,  Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt, Norway/ Oslo
November 2019: Masterclasses with Prof.David Geringas, Berlin/Germany
After master classes Eva was recommended  to study with Prof.Ulrich Voss in Berlin.
September 2020 Usedomer Music Festival, masterclasses with Prof.David Geringas

July 2021 Masterclasses with Prof.David Geringas, Schleswig Holstein Music Festival.

Current teachers of Eva: Prof.David Geringas, Prof.Ulrich Voss (Blackmore Music Academy, Berlin)
Eva obtains very positive feedback from music teachers and jury members. She is considered as one of the most promising young musicians in Norway.
Eva is in the 9th grade of the French School Lycee Rene Cassin, Norway, Oslo.
Eva speak: Lithuanian, Norwegian, French, English and Russian.
Eva plays Jacob von der Lippe Cello, 2005.

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Eva Solveig Knapkyte

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