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Friederike Remmel was born in 1999 in Hamburg, Germany, where she was fortunate enough to be raised in a household that revolved around classical music. Despite the fact that her parents were not professional musicians, they always supported her interest and love for the arts.
Friederike started learning the violin at the age of six, and she knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue music professionally. From the age of 13 she received lessons in Lübeck with the assistant of Prof. Maria Egelhof (Musikhochschule Lübeck), Christoph Callies, and, from time to time, she was given the opportunety to have lessons with Prof. Egelhof herself.
Friederike is currently studying in her 4th semester of her Bachelor of Music degree at the Musikhochschule Lübeck in the class of Prof. Maria Egelhof.
She has attended many prestigious masterclasses, for instance with Baiba Skride, Prof. Stephan Picard, Prof. Heime Müller and Prof. Ingolf Turban and has received coachings with, amongst others, Angelika Bachmann (Quartet Salut Salon) and Jens Georg Bachmann (chief conductor of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra).
In 2015 Friederike Remmel was awarded a scholarship from the “Initiative für Jugend Kammermusik Hamburg”, were she played in various chamber music ensembles. From the age of nine until 18, she participated annually in the German national youth competition “Jugend Musiziert”, where she was awarded a second place price in the final round (Bundeswettbewerb).


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Friederike Remmel

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