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Biography of Harry 

Haoyu Gu (English name Harry) started to play the piano when he was 3 years old and the cello at the age of 6. He has been admitted by the Tianjin Juilliard School Pre-college Program and is going to start his new music journey this September. Haoyu Gu has won the following awards:

1. In July 2018, the Gold Award of the 5th China-Japan Music Exchange Competition; 

2. In August 2019, the Third Prize of the 8th Ai Qin Prize and the 3rd International Cello Competition; 

3. In August 2020, the Fourth Place of the 2nd CelloFamily International Cello Competition; 

4. In October 2020:
* the First Prize of the 2nd French Music Competition and the youngest first prize 

winner in the Young Artists cello group 8-16 years old;
* the First Place and cash bonus of the United States International Music Competition

* the only First Prize of the England 2020 Best Saint-Saens Performance in group II; 

* the only First Prize of the England 2020 Masters of Cello Concerto in group II; 

5. In November 2020: 

*the First Place of the San Francisco International Innovative Music Competition in category intermediate cello, classical; 

*the First Prize and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize of the International Music Competition Bonn “Grand Prize Virtuoso” in young musician category; 

*the Second Place of the Rocky Mountain Strings Competition Fall 2020 Season in young musician category, cello. 

6. In December 2020:
*the First Place of the 2020 King’s Peak International Music Competition;

*the First Prize of the North International Music Competition 2020.
7. In February 2021:
*the First Prize and Category winner, Prize of Jury President, Prize for Best Interpretation Concerto No 1 C Dur by Joseph Haydn at the Gustav Mahler Prize Cello Competition 2021; 

He is studying singing in the Beijing Philharmonic Choir which helps him a lot in improving his cello study. 

Besides music, Haoyu also enjoys swimming, playing chess and table tennis, exploring stars in astronomy study and collecting supercar models as well. 

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Haoyu Gu

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