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Giulio Bryant

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Giulio Bryant began studying harp at the age of 9 with Elisabetta Ghebbioni at the Venice Conservatoire.

He has participated in several masterclasses with Marie-Pierre Langlamet (Caltanissetta, February 2019), Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche (Paese-Treviso, September 2018), Oscar Rodriguez do Campo (Venice, November 2012), and also with Olga Mazzia, Maria Christina Cleary and Cécile Maudire.

In summer 2020, he took part as an active student in the 2-week course taught by Isabelle Moretti at the MusicAlp Académie Internationale de Musique (Tignes, France).

In October 2019 he was awarded second prize in the “Marcel Tournier” international harp competition (XI edition), Cosenza, category B (concert harp solo, age 16-21).

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Giulio Bryant

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