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Daniel Mengarelli

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Was born on April 10, 2000 in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2007, started his musical studies in classical guitar with Eliete da Silva Santos Almeida and later gathered to the "Orquestra de Cordas Contemporânea de Piracicaba".

In 2016, started studying double bass at a social programe named "Projeto Jovens Músicos de Piracicaba", under the guidance of Anselmo Melosi and Taís Gomes. And later gathered the project's orchestra, "Orquestra Filarmônica Jovem de Piracicaba", where played under the conducting of guests such as Roberto Tibiriçá and Hartmut Rohde.

In 2018, started bachelor's degree in double bass at "Instituto de Artes da UNICAMP", with the professorJosé Alexandre Leme Lopes Carvalho. Through the "Orquestra do Departamento de Música da Unicamp", had the opportunity to play under the conducting of Christian Schulz and to participate in a rehearsal with the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra under the conducting of Benjamin Zander.

In 2020, participated in the "Festival Acadêmico Filarmônica" where held a masterclass with André Geiger. That same year also participated in the "Concurso DoContra", where had a masterclass with Valdir Claudino.

In 2021, gathered to the "Orquestra Educacional de Piracicaba" and to the "Orquestra de Câmara da Escola de Música de Piracicaba Maestro Ernst Mahle".

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Daniel Mengarelli

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