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Bai Yun: studied piano with his father since she was a child. In 2008, he studied cello playing from Mr. Zhang Xisheng, the first graduate cello educator of the Central Conservatory of Music. Later, at the recommendation of Mr. Zhang Xisheng, she studied cello playing from Professor Liu Dahai, affiliated with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and took the Shanghai music examination in 2016. The college attaches to the University of China a major in violin playing. She is taught by Professor Liu Dahai, an appendix to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and studied chamber music from Mr. Wu Shuting. Teacher Zhao Xiaoguo participated in the rehearsal performance of the attached Chinese orchestra and participated in various master classes. Professor Li Jiwu, the current doctoral supervisor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, studies cello playing.
Won the first prize of the string quartet professional group of the Chinese Youth Music Competition Hummingbird Music Award in May 2017.
In June 2017, she participated in the special concert of the 90th anniversary of Shanghai Conservatory of Music with the Shanghai Conservatory Affiliated Youth Symphony Orchestra at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall.
She participated in the Hong Kong Asian International Chamber Music Competition in
In May 2018, she participated in the fourth place in the string quartet of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Chamber Music Festival (the first place in the secondary group attached to the Conservatory of Music).
Won the first place in the Taiwan Jacola International Art Competition in August 2019.
In October 2019, as an excellent chamber music group, she participated in the first performance of the Master of Chinese and Foreign Music Belt Project.
Won the first place in the Crescendo International Music Competition quartet in February 2021.
Won the second place in Chamber Music Group B at the Princes Galyani Vadhana International Ensemble Competition in July 2021.

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Bai Yun

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