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When Kirsten was about 5-years-old, she used to cry out of frustration when she had to learn any note other than “Do-Re-Mi” on the keyboard. Now, at 18, knowing every black and white key of the piano, she strives to learn the art of music and the magic that comes with it, and share that gift to others within her country. Born and raised in the Philippines, Kirsten grew up learning the “magic” that can be found in music - and the power of how it could impact other people. It became her life’s mission to be able to show the transformative, unseen beauty of music. The Philippines is home to a lot of undiscovered talents, and her intention is to help others around her grow, discover music, and maybe even fall in love with the arts again. 

She knew that no matter where she went in life, that love and passion for her music would always be there. Thanks to the support of her parents, she was able to start learning how to play piano at an early age, and now, around 13 years later of learning how to play the piano, she was able to be accepted into one of the best music conservatories in her country, she has participated in several international and regional competitions, and is also serving as a church pianist and accompanist. 

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Kirsten Fabellar

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