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Gihoon Yoon

FlagSouth Korea, Pyeongtaek Gyeonggi-do NotePiano

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2010 ~ 2013 Goyang High school of Arts
2013 ~ 2017 Hanyang University College of Music
2017 ~      Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock

2010 ~     2011     Scholarship Hyundai (in Goyang High School)
2013 ~ 2016      Scholarship Hanyang Universität
2020             Scholaship Yamaha Foundation Europe(Stipendium  
                  Wettbewerb in Deutschland für Klavier 2020)
                  Scholarship Rotary Club
2021             Scholarship Carl Bechstein Foundation
2012 Concert with Seoul National Symphony Orchestra in KEPCO Art Center, Seoul
     Concert Mozart Hall, Seoul
2013 Concert in Sangmyung Art Center, Seoul
2014 Solo Concert in WIN Art Hall, Seoul
2017 Concet in Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2019 Pianist in Bach-Fest Rostock
     Concert mit Norddeutsch Philharmonie Rostock in Katharinensaal, Rostock
     Concerts in Tempzin und Penzin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
Piano Competition
2019 Ibiza Interational Piano Competition, Special Prize for best performer of contemprorary works
2020 Huesca International Piano Competition, 1st Prize
      Gianluca Campochiaro International Piano Competition 1st Prize


 Lyon International Piano Competition, 6th Prize

 Nomea International Piano Conpetition, Special Prize for Baroque Music

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Gihoon Yoon

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