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Julieta Luchetti Favero

FlagArgentina, La Plata Buenos Aires NoteViolin

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I started studying violin at the age of 6. I had different professors and institutions that guided me on this path.  I went through different orchestras, ensembles, quartets and others and today I am in my beloved stable orchestra of the Teatro Argentino in La Plata, my city. 
 It wasn't until I had a "click" that I managed to connect with my instrument from another perspective, another vision.  I understood that music is a language without barriers, and my violin is precisely the means by which I chose to make it known.
 I am fortunate to do what I love and being aware of this great privilege is that I want to share it, release it in the universe and make it reach every corner where possible.

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Julieta Luchetti Favero

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