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A young girl, barely four, stood spellbound. A piece of melody, ringing with playfulness, quickly descending into haunting notes of anguish, and then again soaring with hope, wafted through the air.  It was none other than Für Elise by Beethoven. A timeless symphony that made itself home deep inside the little girl’s heart. For over 200 years, this piece of music has been responsible for many budding musicians taking their first tremulous steps into the world of music. The girl lost in the enchanting notes of Für Elise too began her journey with this piece. A dream flickered deep inside. She wanted to play that particular piece. Somehow. Somewhere.

Prapti is now nine years old. In the years in between, she has learnt to play this immortal piece of music. And as she immerses herself deeper in the world of music, another aspiration fuels her learning curve – playing live at a concert in the hallowed Royal Albert Hall in London. One dream has been realized. Countless hours are being dedicated to make the other one come true too. Hope this competition will take this little pianist one step closer to her dream.

Piano studies and achievements:

Prapti started formal Piano classes under the curriculum of London College of Music in 2017. She is currently preparing for her grade 8 exams. She has passed grade 7 with Distinction in 2021. She has also passed all the previous grades with Distinction. 


First Prize Winner of Suno Junior Superstar Season 2 - Instrumental Category - 2019

First prize in Category A National Competition of Fujairah International Piano Competition 2nd Edition - 2020

Honorary Mention in Category A of Fujairah International Piano Competition - 2020

Second Prize Category 1 piano solo in VI Odin International Music Competition - 2021

First Prize Piano Solo in Kings Peak International Music Competition - 2021

Grand Prize Junior 1 Category in International Youth Music Competition - May 2021

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Prapti Rajguru

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