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My name is Fatjon Pula,born on 23rd July 2001 in Athens(Greece),but of Albanian nationality and grown up in Fier(a city in the southern Albania).

I have been taking piano lessons since the age of 6(back to 2007).From 2007 to 2019,I have been part of various artistic and cultural activities in Fier.I have also organized 3 recital concerts at that time period.In 2019,I was one of the winners of Top Talent 2,the second edition of a TV talent show organized by Top Channel(one of the biggest televisions in Albania).At the end of 2019,I organized a big recital concert in Fier,which would later become part of RTSH(Albanian radio-television) programmes.In 2020,I was one of the winners of Fieri's Best Talent.I also had success in 5 international online competitions in Poland,Italy,Spain and Ukraine.From 2019 up to now,I have been promoted by different online pages on Instagram,newspapers,blogs and I have been interviewed in different Albanian TV programmes.In 2021,I took part in a talent competition organized by ICF(a church in Tirana),where I went up to the semifinals.

Lastly, I want to say that I have never been part of any professional musical school.I have achieved everything through my job across the years and a private course( which I do once a week) with my piano teacher,Marjana Xoxa.Currently,I study for the “Banking and Finance” degree(first year) at “EPOKA”,a well-known university in Albania,where I am also the vice-president of the “Arts & Culture” students club.

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Fatjon Pula

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