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Ayu Okada

FlagJapan, Nagoya Aichi NoteDouble bass

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Ayu Okada was born in Nagoya,Japan in 2011.

She began learning the piano aged 2.

Received the Excellence at the NIHON piano association Junior Piano Competition in 2018  

Ayu commenced her studies as a double bass player at the age of 4 under the tutorship of Asako Takayanagi.

Received the Encouragement Award  at the Izuminomori Contrabass Competition (Japan) Junior Division in 2019.

She was a participant of master classes by Alexsandr shilo,  Artem Chirkov, Gary Karr.

she passed the audition of the NHK Nagoya Youth Symphony Orchestra, which has the oldest history among Japanese youth orchestras, and became a member in 2021.

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Participant's status: Worldvision participant
Ayu Okada

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