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Wen-Chien Lin

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Wen-Chien Lin, started to play cello at the age of 8 and graduated from Yilan Fuxing junior high school and New Taipei Municipal New Taipei Senior High School. Currently study in Taipei National University of Art.

He has won the 2nd prize in National Taiwan Music Competition in both college level and high school level. 

Also, he attended several music events abroad : 2017 Oberstdorf musik sommer, 2016 Eastern Music Festival.

In 2019, he has held his first recital in Taipei.

He has been taught in many master classes by numerous great musicians : Henri Demarquette、 Johannes Moser、Claus Kanngiesser、David Geber、Julia Lichten、Jonathan Spitz、Suren Bagratuni、Piere Morlet、Neal Cary、Julian Schwarz and Wenn-Sinn Yang.

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Wen-Chien Lin

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