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Nazarii Stets

FlagUkraine, Kyiv Kyiv City NoteDouble bass

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Nazarii Stets is a musician focused on contemporary music and popularization of Ukrainian modern music. He was born in 1991 in Kopychyntsi (Ukraine) in to a musician family. His first instrument was violin and after seven years of learning it he began studying double-bass in the Ternopil Music college under the tutelage of Vasyl Felenchak. Then from 2010-2015 he achieved both bachelors and master’s degrees from National Music Academy named after P. Tchaikovsky while working with Oleksandr Melnyk from National Opera.

  Nazarii got his first professional contract with the Galitsky Chamber Orchestra at the age of 16, at 20 won the solo-position in the "Kyiv Kamerata" national ensemble. As 26 years old he becomes a professorship at the National Music Academy of Ukraine.

In 2018 he was awarded by Ministry of Culture of Ukraine to Levko Revutsky prize for concert performances with modern Ukrainian music.
Nazarii Stets got master classes with renowned double-bass players such as Nicolas Crosse, Chi-Chi Nwanokue, Jeff Bradetich, Leon Bosch, Ruslan Lutsyk, Dan Styffe, Hirosh Ikematsu. He was a first performer of double-bass concertos by Zoltan Almashi, Alisa Zaika, Meryson Borghes, Oleksandr Levkovych, Julia Monducci, Edvard Kravchuk and Sergii Piliutikov. His concert geography includes more than 20 countries with solo, chamber and orchestral performances at the festivals like “Manifest”, “Gogolfest”, “2 days and 2 nights”, “Britten-Pears young artist program”, “Warsaw autumn”, “Septembre musical” and so on. He had collaborations with Ulysses ensemble, Salzburg Sinfonietta, Ensemble Nostri Temporis, Sed Contra, New Era orchestra, Kyiv Kamerata, UKHO-ensemble etc.


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