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Nathan Zürcher

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Nathan-Alexandre Zuercher began playing the cello at the age of 7 at the « Ecole de Musique du Jura-Bernois ». He began cello studies at the University of Music in Basel (Switzerland), in the class of Thomas Demenga, where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in June 2019 with distinction from the Jury, and a master of pedagogy in 2021. He's currently studying a second master in Geneva in the class of Ophélie Gaillard.

Since 2015, Nathan-Alexandre has been participating in interpretation courses given by musicians such as David Geringas, Wen-Sinn Yang, Francois Guye, and Antonio Meneses.

As a soloist, Nathan-Alexandre performs with several orchestras such as the Biel Symphony Orchestra (Switzerland), the Shostakovich Harmony and the Budweis Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic). Also invited by several international institutions and famous foundations, such as the Lyceum Club, the Rotary Club, or the FARB Foundation, Nathan gives concerts with a rich and varied repertoire in Switzerland, France and Germany. He premiered alongside cellist Françoise Schiltknecht the concerto for two cellos and harmony by Swiss composer Mario Burki. Nathan is also active with the Swiss rapper Sim's, with whom he does many musical tours.

Nathan-Alexandre won First Prize in the final of the Swiss Youth Music Competition, soloist section, as well as the International Grand Prize Virtuoso London 2020. He is also a laureate of the Young Talent Sport-Culture-Studies of the city of Bienne and of the Jura National Music Competition.

In 2019, he is awarded the Jura Scholarship for the best artist of the year by the AnneRobert Bloch Foundation.

His passion and enthusiasm for music leads him to discover the many horizons of classical and modern music and musicology. He willingly collaborates in the field of French chanson, pop-culture music or free improvisation.

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Nathan Zürcher

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